Express Car Wash Conversion

Experts at Full Service conversion to Exterior Express Wash.

Equipment distributor for PECO, ICS, DRB Systems, AVW, AUTEC, Auto Vac, Vacutech, PurClean, AquaBio, TSS, and Sun Coast Hydraulic.


100 years of combined car wash experience in all facets of the car wash business from construction, equipment, installation, operation, & ownership. We guide you thru the entire project from site design, equipment procurement, equipment installation, and start up to ensure the success of your conversion or new facility. As carwash consultants, we present options and the pros and cons of each. You choose the path to take. Experience is all about success. Our experience sets the bar for carwash design, equipment and start-up. With over 200 carwash projects under our belt, along with owner operator backgrounds of seven car wash locations, we can talk the talk and walk the walk.

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Stainless steel PECO car wash equipment. We apply our first-hand knowledge and unrivaled expertise to all of our projects. We take pride in selecting high-quality components so that your car wash is always running for your customers. Top of the line reclaim and reverse osmosis spot-free systems from Purwater and Aqua Bio. ICS and DRB POS systems to greet your car wash customers. State of the art customer tracking. Reporting essential to the operation of the business. Equipment you can count on to keep you business running.

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Exterior Express

The future of car washing is the express exterior car wash model. The impact of social distancing, physical distancing, and COVID-19 will increase the desirability of the Exterior Express wash model. We can guide you through the conversion of full service to exterior express. Our extreme value is in knowing how to convert your existing car wash to an express exterior car wash. This is done by knowing site planning to alleviate the need to make major renovations. You will see on our example wash conversion layouts the importance of the site plan to the operation.

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Exterior Express Equipment

PECO and AVW Exterior Express equipment is a proven concept that offers many advantages to the car wash investor in Southern California and the Southwestern US.

  • Perfect Car Wash Model for Social Distancing & COVID-19
  • Eye-Catching Curb Appeal
  • Outstanding Cleaning Performance
  • Soft Touch & High Pressure
  • High Throughput

Express Car Wash Experts can guide you through a conversion of full service or new express construction.

Why Exterior Express

AUTEC In Bay Express car wash layout

Feel Confident When You Invest!

Express Car Wash Experts, Inc. has the experience that can help you convert from the full service car wash model to exterior express wash model. We are a distributor of choice in Southern California and the Southwest US. Our 100 years of combined car wash experience, dedication, and continuous learning set us apart from others. Contact us and see why we will be your exterior express distributor of choice!

Why Exterior Express

The new wave in car washing is the exterior express model. The reasons are:

  • Social Distancing, no need for waiting rooms or vehicle cabin access
  • No employees handle transactions
  • Time is valuable, a clean car in less than 5 minutes is a big plus
  • Unlimited Carwash monthly passes increase customer loyalty and volume
  • Economical price for all vehicle owners
  • Choice, customer decides whether to clean the interior or drive away
  • All packages are machine applied so no labor in the tunnel
  • Low Labor, only 2 employees on sight at anytime
  • High Volume, with the same 2 employee labor force and the right layout
  • Accounting control of revenue through Pay Stations.
  • Higher profits due to higher volume and lower overhead

Contact us to change your existing full service wash or build a new exterior express. We have the expertise to guide you from start to finish.


Knowing all the equipment, features, and options to make the best decision, ECWE can guide you through the selection process.

Highly Trained

ECWE works with PECO's factory headquarters to keep abreast of the latest updates to exterior express designs

Unmatched Experience

ECWE has the car wash conversion experience of having worked with other operators to convert from Full Service to Exterior Express.

Happy Customers

Learn more about how to keep your customers happy with an Exterior Express conversion from Full Service.

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Exterior Express Wash

More than 50% of the nation's tunnel car washes feature the Exterior Express model. The impact of social distancing, physical distancing, and COVID-19, will increase the desirability of the Exterior Express wash model. We can guide you through the conversion of full service to exterior express.

investors express car wash layout

Exterior Express New Construction

express car wash investor southern California

The exterior express wash operational model has become the standard. An express car wash can clean a car in less than 5 minutes. With social distancing, the customer wants to stay in the safety of their car. And customers do not want attendants inside their vehicle. A waiting room is not needed.

Additionally, a low price for all vehicle owners provides an attractive, easy buy. Customers chose whether to clean the interior with free vacuums or drive away. With only 2 employees needed, labor costs stay low. High volume is achieved with right layout.

Higher profits from higher volume and lower overhead result from a combination of all factors

Full Service Conversion to Exterior Express

Express Car Wash Experts are truly expert at converting old style full service car wash sites to fully modern express wash or exterior express wash operation.

We will present several options for equipment, layout, features, throughput, vacuums, signs and more. You choose the car wash equipment package combination that meets your need and fits your vision, balancing the pros and cons that each exterior package offers.

Ask us to walk you through the before-and-after site plans of full service conversions to the express wash model.

exterior express car wash texas