AVW Car Wash Distributor

Express Car Wash Experts is the Southern California, Southwest US, Texas, and NV AVW Car Wash equipment distributor for AVW Car Wash Equipment. Find more information about AVW car wash tunnel equipment models below.

AVW car wash tunnel equipment models are built with stainless steel. and are known for wash quality and long-term durability. All AVW Car Wash Equipment models maintain the quality standards and durability that AVW Car Wash Equipment is known for.

AVW Car Wash Equipment car wash systems can be used in express tunnel, express car wash, express conveyor, express exterior car wash, and tunnel car wash models.

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AVW Mid-Size Exterior Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

express car wash equipment southern California and Southwest US AVW midsize express car wash
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Dual Belt 90 Ft
  • Prep Gun
  • Chemical Tire Applicator
  • Undercarriage Hex
  • Rocker Panel Brushes
  • Mini Mitter
  • Pivoting Occillating High Pressure Arch
  • Spinning Wheel Blaster
  • Finishing Module

AVW Car Wash Equipment Highlights

  • AVW is a family-owned company
  • With over forty years of experience and product innovation goes into every piece of car wash equipment we make.
  • AVW custom car wash solutions to meet your unique requirements and develop, design, and build in-house the car wash equipment we sell.
  • Our engineers are continuously developing innovative car wash systems and components for the car wash industry.
  • AVW buildt the first Detail Belt Conveyor in 1999.