Peco Car Wash Conveyor Express Tunnel

Express Car Wash Experts is the Southern California, Southwest US, Texas, and NV equipment distributor for PECO and AVW Car Wash Equipment. Find more information about PECO and AVW car wash tunnel equipment models below.

PECO and AVW car wash tunnel equipment are built with stainless steel. and are known for wash quality and long-term durability. All of PECO and AVW Car Wash Equipment maintain the quality standards and durability that PECO and AVW Car Wash Equipment is known for.

PECO and AVW Car Wash Equipment car wash systems can be used in express tunnel, express car wash, express conveyor, express exterior car wash, and tunnel car wash models.

peco car wash conveyor california
peco car wash conveyor southern california

PECO Car Wash Conveyor Tunnel Equipment

peco car wash conveyor express wash equipment southern California and southwest
  • Soft cloth and high-pressure
  • 130 to 180 cars per hour
  • 100' to 150' tunnel
  • 5 or 6 zones

PECO Friction Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

express car wash equipment southern california and Southwest US friction express car wash
  • Soft cloth
  • 60 to 100 cars per hour
  • 50' to 90' tunnel
  • Conveyor
  • 3 or 5 zones

PECO Car Wash Equipment Highlights

  • Founded in 1966, PECO utilizes our service-oriented background and high demand for quality items to provide the car wash industry with excellence.
  • With over 50 years of experience and a worldwide distributor network, PECO has gained a global reputation for providing high-quality systems at a competitive price.
  • PECO car wash systems have been designed from the ground up to provide superior cleaning power and long-lasting performance.
  • Our engineers are continuously developing innovative car wash systems and components for the car wash industry.
  • PECO offers the largest selection of premium car wash systems in the world.
  • From 25-foot Drive-Thru Systems to expansive 150-foot Hybrid Systems.
  • PECO Car Wash Systems manufactures a comprehensive line of conveyorized car wash equipment.
  • PECO utilizes a hybrid method for vehicle cleaning.

PECO Car Wash Conveyors by Peco Car Wash Systems. World leading manufacturer of professional conveyor car washing systems. PECO is a family-owned manufacturer with first-hand car washing experience for over 50 years. Peco conveyors apply first-hand knowledge and expertise to all conveyor systems and products.