Car Wash Soap and Car Wash Chemical Fluid Systems Southern California

Express Car Wash Experts designs custom car wash soap chemical fluid systems

Custom Board car wash hydraulics

This is a board we make custom each carwash. Features are 10hp booster pump with by pass, Dema Valves for better chemical control, Chemical meters to finely adjust how many ounces per minute you are applying to the vehicle, Hydrominder for chemical dilution before being metered by dema valves. All functions on the board have a ball valve to isolate repairs without shutting the carwash down. Also you can go from reclaim to all fresh water by using the ball valve that separates the reclaim from fresh water for chemicals and rinsing.

Hydra-Flex appears to be the future, however this board which controls all the chemicals, air and water used in the wash has features that the Hydra-Flex cant offer.

Don’t be confused by the use of Dema valves, the booster pump is to boost city water pressure 100lbs, Demas work efficiently and consistently with water pressure 80lbs or more.

car wash hydraulics

Prewired box for car wash control board.

car wash hydraulics

Booster pump - 100 psi