Express Car Wash Consultant

Why Use an Exterior Express Car Wash Consultant?

Car wash operations continue to move to the exterior express model. The reasons are:

  • No employees handle transactions
  • Low Labor, only 2 employees on sight at anytime
  • Wash package prices affordable for all vehicle owners
  • COVID-19 social distancing, no need for waiting rooms or vehicle cabin access
  • Customers decide whether to clean the interior or drive away
  • No labor in the tunnel
  • Time - a clean car in less than 5 minutes
  • High Volume, with a 2 employee labor force and the right layout
  • Programs such as unlimited carwash clubs increase customer loyalty and volume
  • Accounting control of revenue through Pay Stations.
  • Higher profits due to higher volume and lower overhead

The future of car washing is the exterior express car wash. The impact of social distancing will increase the desirability of the Exterior Express car wash model. We can guide you through the conversion of full service to exterior express.

Express Car Wash Experts' consulting knowledge about how to convert your existing car wash to an express exterior car wash is valuable. This is done by knowing site planning to alleviate the need to make major renovations. You will see in the conversion examples how important the site plan is to the operation.

Contact us to change your existing full service wash or build a new exterior express. We have the expertise to guide you from start to finish.

Exterior Express Layout

Click on the layout to visit our express car wash layouts and site plan page to learn more about how to design an express car wash operation. You can also view before-and-after layouts of conversions from full service to exterior express car wash models.

express car wash consultant

Why Express Car Wash Consultant

100 years of combined car wash experience in all facets of the car wash business from site design, construction, equipment, installation, operation, & ownership. We are not salesman, we are car wash consultants. We will present options based on our experience and you choose the path to take. We take great pride in being all about information and guidance. We are confident that in choosing us you will have made the best decision for your future.

We see you thru the entire project from site design, equipment procurement, equipment installation, and start up to ensure the success of your conversion or new facility.

Experience is all about success, our experience sets the bar for carwash design, equipment and start-up. With over 200 carwash projects under our belt, along with being owner operators and builders of seven carwash locations since 1983, we can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Express Car Wash Experts is distributor for most major car wash manufacturers including:

  • Peco Car Wash Equipment
  • AVW Belt Conveyors And Car Wash Equipment
  • AUTEC InBay Express Tunnel
  • ICS POS and Computer Controllers
  • DRB POS And Computer Controllers
  • TSS Car Wash Signs And Equipment
  • Sun Coast Hydraulic Electric Manufacturing and Motor Control Centers
  • PurClean Spot Free Water Systems
  • PurWater Reclaim Systems
  • Aqua Bio Reclaim and Restoration Systems
  • AutoVac Vacuum Systems
  • Vacutech Vacuum Systems
  • Plus compressors, prep guns, chemical and water control systems, High pressure wheel cleaning