In Bay Express Car Wash

Express Car Wash Experts offers an In Bay Express car wash that uses an automatic car wash. Click the middle image to view each car wash model's spec sheet. The In bay car wash videos can be expanded to full screen.

AUTEC In Bay Express car wash

AUTEC car wash equipment is built with all stainless steel construction, stainless steel guide rails, treadle ramps, tire stops, and galvanized track. AUTEC is known for wash quality, trouble-free operation and long-term durability. Additional features include water-based hydraulics with tank heater, quick-release door panels, fore & aft mitters, full or partial mitter retract, on-board or off-board rinse capability. All of AUTEC's systems maintain the quality standards and durability that AUTEC is known for.

AUTEC car wash systems can be used at Auto Dealers, Gasoline, Fuel, & Convenience Stores (c-store), and of course stand alone car wash locations favored by investors.

AUTEC In Bay Express Car Wash

  • Exterior Tunnel Car Wash
  • No Conveyor
  • 25 to 30 cars/hr
  • Fits on 1/3 acre
  • No Employees
  • Operates 24/7
  • Combo, Soft-Touch, or Touch-Free
express car wash equipment Texas In Bay Express


  • Combination Car Wash
  • Hybrid Car Wash
  • Soft-Touch & Touch-Free
  • Pay-at-the-Pump
  • All Stainless Steel
  • High Ticket Average
express car wash equipment AUTEC EV1 inbay express

Standard AUTEC car wash equipment features

  • All Stainless steel construction: Absolutely the most durable construction for dependable, long‐term operation in harsh car wash environments.
  • All‐welded frame: Welded, not bolted, for superior strucural integrity, ensuring enhanced machine longevity & performance.
  • Dual Arm Support: Keeps arm rotation true and consistent on all four arms.
  • Overhead Mitter: The double‐action, overhead mitter effectively cleans all flat susrfaces without the dangers and damages once associated with top brushes.
  • Hydraulic Operation: Provides smooth control of the torque and speed of each arm for effective cleaning without damage.
  • Water-based hydraulics: Specially-designed, water based hydraulic fluid. The AES‐100 Shine Express
  • Polisher uses standard hydraulic fluid.
  • Direct Drive: No chains, gear boxes or belts to require maintenance.
  • Soft Cloth: Double front and rear side arms, plus our dual cloth mitter ensures that every area of a vehicle's surface is gently massaged clean with the use of soft cloth (standard) or polyflex (optional) strips lubricated with just the right volume of soap and water. Years of research and testing have determined the best sizes, lengths, cuts, cores and hardware to ensure unprecedented cleaning performance.
  • Split Hub Design: The lower section is wide to contour to the curved vehicle undersides. The top is slim to accommodate the tops of vans and trucks with large mirrors. We call them our "mirror‐saving" hub design, ensuring safe, thorough cleaning.
  • Stainless steel accessories: guide rails, treadle ramps, tire stops, CTA nozzles.
  • Galvanized track.
  • Quick‐release door panels.
  • Greaseless steel bearings.
  • Nose Scrubber
  • Rear Jog
  • Front arm retract.
  • Side brush motor covers.
  • Gantry jog switch in control panel.
  • Soap pumping station.
  • Required Air Supply: 5 CFM
AUTEC In Bay Express car wash